• Honey Shampoo Bar
  • Honey Shampoo Bar

Honey Shampoo Bar

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Freshen your hair with a handmade organic Honey shampoo bar. Soothe your scalp & cleanse your hair with this plastic free alternative, it's zero waste at it's best. Made with pure plant and natural ingredients, no harmful chemicals!

Travel Size | Packaged Plastic Free | FDA Approved

Items Included: 

  • 1x Shampoo bar

How To Use: 

Wet your hair then wet the bar and rub into your hands. Gently massage into your hair, then rinse. Repeat this process with our conditioner barSee our cotton soap bags for storage for the bar.

-This bar contains a variety of care essences such as honey, bergamot, & frankincense. It Improves dry hair and keeps hair moisture. Suitable for neutral & dry hair.

Ingredientsshea butter, olive oil, honey extract, bergamot oil, water, frankincense extract, sodium palmitate, sodium lauryl sulfate, glycerin

Please Note plastic pollution is an extreme issue currently in our environment. About 552 million plastic shampoo  bottles fill up landfills. Unfortunately plastic in general take 400 years to degrade. They end up on beaches & oceans ruining clean beach experiences. This also brings much harm to the sea animals. On behalf of the future generations, Troppic Panda Team would like to say "thank you" for making a positive impact by switching from plastic.