About us

Welcome to the Troppic Panda site! Troppic Panda is a small business/brand created by a small family from Ohio. We are an eco-awareness brand that promotes & cares for the well-being of Earth. We believe in fairness & equal wellness for any & everything. From becoming a vegan to using more sustainable eco products it has been quite an eye opening journey for us.


Our goal is to help make an impact by making our home (Earth) overall less polluted. Looking down the long road of future generations we understand our actions today will influence they're living experiences. It's never too late to begin living a sustainable lifestyle & we want to encourage everyone to join us!


We create & offer sustainable products for your everyday needs. We assure you, they are nature approved products. Using our products will add value to Earth and help minimize plastic pollution. Not only is our products eco-friendly, but so is all of our packaging & shipping components. Our zero waste products & eco shipping methods will contribute to your eco-conscience lifestyle. We believe in acquiring the best material for our planet so we mindfully source our resources & suppliers.